7 Ways Working Out Makes You Better In Bed

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / KordikShutterstock / Kordik

Okay, okay: You may not love working out, but it has obvious benefits. You get to feel better, look better, and feel sexier. Workouts with a trainer translate into workouts in the bedroom with a partner. For example:

1. You keep going, and going, and going.

The more you work out, the longer you last. No more gasping for air after a few “pumps.” You can go for hours and enjoy it.

2. You aren’t a quitter.

You’ve stuck with your FitStrong Fitness plan and gym routine for months now, and backing down is no longer an option. Happily, the same rules apply to the bedroom—you won’t stop until you (and your partner) see results.

3. You can lift so much weight.

Handstands? Done. Rough sex? No problem. Changing positions again, and again? Let’s go! Thanks Crossfit — why, yes, I do lift!

4. You can put…

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