How can I be better in bed?

Ask Michelle Brock - Real-Life Advice From a Spiritual Life Coach

I love the simplicity of your question, but I want to point out that it is very one-sided. You say want to be “better” in the sack, as if sex were a skill that one can possess that makes them good in bed. It is worth a reminder here that sex involves two people! Although it is true that there are “techniques” you can learn, but something that one partner may love and find pleasurable, another won’t like at all. Sex is about two people connecting, about letting go of barriers and boundaries between two human beings. Sex allows us to express to another what we may be afraid to communicate verbally, gives us a chance to become truly vulnerable and reveal our true essence to another person, and it can even be a way that we can connect to the divine or universal energy through merging with another soul…

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