Making Intimacy Fun…sometimes love is just a game.



Sometimes, things can get a little chilly in the bedroom, and not just because of a broken thermostat. Playing a game with your loved one can help add a buffer of silliness, fun, daring, and experimentation that can open you both up to enjoying being physical with each other. Sure, it may seem a little silly or corny. Or, maybe you’re thinking “I shouldn’t need a game to have sex with my partner!” Whatever you’d like to label it, the undeniable truth is that a game will allow you to have a platform and a reason to let your inhibitions down and try something that you might never have come up with on your own.

There’s a reason these games exist! Think of how party games break the ice and allow people to communicate, laugh, and find out more about each other. Now, imagine how that might work with a…

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