My take on sexual paradigms: Friends with Benefits and the Hookup Culture

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musings of an introspective

As a college freshman, sex is everywhere. We’re warned about rape and roofies, told what qualifies as “consent,” and surrounded by gossip (who slept with whom, what heartbreak ensued). The sudden freedom that college brings lends itself to sexual exploration; for the first time in our lives, we can have a partner spend the night without parental approval and we can conduct our sexual endeavors away from the intense scrutiny of home and high school. I’d like to provide an honest (if graphic) account of my perceptions of college sexual encounters, and I’d very much like for readers to post comments and provide their own perspectives.

I had a committed romantic relationship, which included sex, in high school. When that relationship ended, I was naive and vulnerable, easily tricked into a fling that ended up being about one thing, and one thing only – sex (it was a blowjob gone…

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