Sex Toy Benefits: Spice up Your Sex Life!

Found this great Article on Spicing up your sex life.

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I love  Lady Cheeky’s post on…

How Sex Toys Make Sex Sizzle

… so most of it is below.  The comments in bold are mine.

We’ve all been there with our partners. We get busy, or parenthood has zapped us of any spontaneity, or our careers have us barely eeking out time for even the smallest of meals. All these reasons and more take their toll on our sex lives and even if they don’t, we’ve all experienced at least a small period of humdrum sex. How do we spice it up? 

Whether you’ve been with your partner 20 years or 20 minutes, experimenting with a sex toy can bring, at the very least, a little more excitement in bed or at most new pleasures you didn’t know you (or your partner) were capable of.  But where do you start? Luckily I’ve tried them all and I can speak…

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